Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wally's Blessing

We blessed Wally on January 2nd 2010!

Here is a picture of the "purebred" Everitts!

The "purebreds" being crazy (not too hard for them!)Here are the sophisticated "outcasts"... I guess the sad truth is that we are the ones that CHOSE to join the family!! This picture is of Wally and the men that stood in the circle for the blessing.
Wally and His Daddy!Wall-E! Ben and Rachel gave this to Wallace for his blessing... it is his first "Wall-E" toy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is a California white Christmas. This is a picture of my in-laws home just the other day. "Someone" thought it would be funny to TP their house. I have to admit that it looked really cool as I came up over the hill to their home. It was even fun as you walked through it to get to the door. It was not all that fun to clean up thought!

Welcome Home Uncle Roo!

Deric's "little" brother Andrew went to boot camp this past fall. He came home for the holidays in mid-December. We went to the airport to welcome him home with balloons and signs.
These are some of the signs that we took. These are pictures of Andrew at Halloween nine years ago. I had so much fun helping him dress up and paint his face. This first one is of him holding Jessica.
Here he is posing for us.
The man he is today!!
Now he is back on base for his specialty training!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy New Year Photo of the DM Everitt Family!The Everitt Family celebrates "Thanksmas" (a combo of Thanksgiving and Christmas) every year. Here are a few highlights from this years celebration (celebrated New Years Day, maybe we should change it to New Yearsmas!)

Here is the Entire Family Photo
Grammie with the Grandkids!
Who is the "extra" grandchild in this photo?! (and I don't mean the dog)
Photo of everyone's stockings just before we got to "open" them. Grammie works really hard to make sure that everyone has special treats and fun toys. She also made all of the stockings.
The major gift this year was themed. We all draw names by family and this year all of the kids received lazer tag guns... Uncle Clark too... here they are playing with them in the back yard.
And at the end of the day they had a cousin sleepover... here they are all ready for bed (apparently they didn't go to sleep until after 12am!)


Deric can, as many of you know, get something in his head and it is all that is on his mind for a while!! Well, ever since we watched the movie UP, all he talks about are squirrels. He has even started asking for one as a pet. When I said no, he started looking online and found a squirrel fostering program out here in CA. You raise the baby until it is a certain age and then release it into the wild! This was my compromise... meet Deric's "pet" squirrel!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year... Happy Birthday!!!

I remember very vividly what I was doing on New Years Eve two years ago. I was in a hospital room awaiting the arrival of my first little man!! James "Nelson" was born at 4:35am on New Years Day... what a wonderful way to start the year!Today he turned TWO! He is a feisty, fun, loving, BIG boy. He weighs 34 lbs, and is Just over 3 feet tall. I am so grateful for his smile, and how he keeps me on my toes. Happy Birthday "little man".