Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fathers Day Pictures

As our gift for fathers day I took pictures of the kids in the grass. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Nelson really didn't want to cooperate, but I did get one ok shot (it is now the header for our blog). This was the pic used for the cover of their card. The Dad's really liked them!!

Singing Puppet Show

The other day Carrie and Sarah did a very cute singing puppet show for us. It was really cute! Nelson really wanted in on the action. He took center stage!

And sang right along with his sisters. We aren't sure what he was saying but he kept up with their tune!

Hair Gel

Nelson has come up with his own hair gel. He finds it very amusing to put his empty bowl on his head. Here he is with applesauce, but he will do this with any type of food. It is so much fun to clean up when he is done. This is however a very cute pic of him. Who could be mad at that face!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

I am so grateful for the Dads in my life. I grew up in a loving home with a Dad that always worked hard to take care of us. He taught me how to shoot, and took us camping and was always there when we needed him. He always pushed me to do more, work harder, and do my very best. I am grateful for him and all that he has meant to shaping the woman I am today. I love you Dad, thank you. I am also grateful for my husband. He didn't grow up with a Father so becoming one himself was new to him. He is GREAT Dad. He plays with his children, loves them, and makes them laugh. He is strong when they need him, and soft when they need that too. With a house full of girls he has had to become more sensitive to crying, and many other girly things. He takes it all in stride and at the end of every day he kisses them good-night and tells them he loves them. I am so grateful that he is their Dad, and my husband. I thank God every day for our family!

I am also grateful for my grandfather... my hiking companion and overall outdoors teacher. We canoed, swam, and just walked together often. He taught me to drive, and gave me way too much candy as a kid. Many other men are figures of fathers in my life. Poppy, is a wonderful grandfather to my children, and Bob a great-grandfather. The Uncles and Aunts in our lives, friends, and other family. I and so grateful for all of the men who support and shape mine and my children's lives.

Thank you and Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Huntington Library

At the beginning of the month I was able to take the girls (Nelson stayed with my sister-in-law) to the Huntington Library. We went on the first Thursday of the month when you can get FREE tickets. I am grateful to the same sister-in-law who got the tickets and then couldn't use them Thank you so much!! It was a wonderful place to go and we had lots of fun in all the gardens. We started in the Library Exhibition hall where their was an impressive display of very old books. Among these treasures are the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (c.1410); a Gutenberg Bible (c.1455); and many others.
Then we headed outside to the gardens. Here the girls are by a fountain on the North Vista. The Children's garden was the next stop and they would have played there all day.

The fountains were a huge hit. It was really hot while we were there and they loved splashing in the cool water.

This picture is of them inside a topiary house. The walls are all made of plants. It was a really fun playhouse.

After the children's garden we went into the conservatory. It was a bunch of greenhouses with different types of plant life. They loved the rain forest the most! I have to admit that the conservatory was my favorite. There were lots of hands on things to do, and even more plants to see. They got to play with plant nectar and see how much sugar was in each; they saw how different seeds migrate; they got to guess the types of spices that grow in the rain forest by smelling them; and much much more!!!

After the conservatory we went to the Chinese Garden. Here they are looking at the fish.

Then it was off to the Japanese garden. It was all so beautiful. We spent almost three hours there and didn't see even half of the gardens they offer. If you want to check out their website just click here. If you haven't gone and can make it I would highly recommend a trip there! By the way, Nelson only stayed home because we only had five tickets and on the free day everyone has to have a ticket. We felt like he would be the least disappointed to stay behind!!

Washing Dishes!

When you are 30 washing dishes is just another chore. I suppose I am supposed to say that it is an act of love I show for my family that I can't wait to do every day.... but honestly I do it because I need clean dishes the next day!!
However when you are 3 and 5 washing dishes is spelt F U N! They spent hours at the sink washing every piece of plastic we have! It was so nice to have them working together and getting along so well. It made cleaning up their mess not so much of a chore!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We know what the baby is going to be.

We know what the baby is going to be. You have to log on to Jessica's blog to find out.
Sometimes it's OK to be the Oldest!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kelley Family Blog Free Give Away

My best friend in NH is doing a giveaway as her 100th post. She will be making really neat reusable sandwich wrappers. Check out her blog for all the info... she will pick a winner on June 20th. Just go to http://patandlizkelley.blogspot.com. Good Luck!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My new cake blog!

Hey everyone, Deric has started a new blog for me. He wanted me to post my cakes when I make them, as well as put up past cakes I've made. You can follow the link on the side under "Fun Links"... the blog is listed as Cakes4Fun.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Carrie has always fallen asleep in the greatest places. We are thinking about making a book with pictures of all the various places, and positions she falls asleep in!!
Here she is at the dinner table. She actually fell asleep during dinner. Here she is on her way to get into PJs at bed time (she didn't quite make it!)

Washing The Car With Dad

The other day Deric went out to wash his car... his shadow followed him.

It was s nice sunny day and they had a great time. Nelson "helped" in many ways... He put muddy hand prints on the car for Deric to wash off, He emptied the bucked of soapy water (it must have been dirty and needed to be refilled), and he stood right under Deric's feet almost the entire time!!!

Doesn't he look happy!!

Sarah's School Pool Party!

It was so nice of Sarah's pre school to invite her to the end of year party (even though I pulled her out months ago). They had a huge spread of food, little pools, a small water slide, water play tables, and even a huge bounce house.

Unfortunately it was a cool day and she was a little chilly, but she still had lots of fun.

Here she is with her very close friend Laila. Carrie was even invited and she felt super special to be there with her big sis.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What is your guess?!

Next week we will probably be finding out what gender our baby is... what is your guess???

Flowers in a Vase

Since we have been married Deric has given me very few bouquets of flowers. He complains that they cost too much, and they die too soon... so it's a waste of money. Don't tell him I agree, and yet I really love when I have fresh flowers in my house. And because he doesn't do it very often, I appreciate it so much more when I do get them.
Now that we live here in CA things are a little different. Our house has lots of flower beds, with lots of different flowers. Deric has worked hard to make them grow and look beautiful. There are even so many that he brings them in every few days for me. So now we are both happy. I have beautiful fresh flowers in the kitchen all the time... and it only costs him a little time!!