Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Saturday we went to cousin Grace's 5th birthday party. She had a KITE party in the park. It was tons of fun and the kids loved flying the kites. Here is Carrie running with her blow up kite. This first video is of Sarah with her kite. She was having lots of trouble, so Uncle Everitt helped her get it high in the sky. Then she would just sit on the ground and let it fly (while everyone around her was struggling to keep theirs flying!)

Jessica and Sammy loved running the kites and did have them flying really well a few times!

Race Day

The Agora Hills 1/2 Marathon was challenging but lots of fun. 13.2 miles of mostly trail running was a great change from mostly running on black top. Deric and the kids arrived just in time to run the last mile with me, but were unable to get to the finish line to see me cross it. Deric did run ahead a little to get this brief footage of me running at mile 12.5!!

Carpenteria State Beach

Our Ward (Congregation) went on a camping trip to Carpenteria State Beach last weekend (3/20). It was a rainy but very fun trip. The older girls spent lots of time with friends. Carrie enjoyed the marshmallows, and Nelson LOVED playing in the dirt and getting as dirty as possible. Nelson really enjoyed "helping" Deric put away the tent!

On Saturday we went down to the beach (even though it was cool and overcast). Our intent was to stay a few minutes, put our toes in the water and head home. That was actually the case for all of us except Mr. Nelson who fell in right away (accidentally?!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

School lunch at home!

Last Saturday the girls played school in their playhouse all day long. They even asked me to make their lunches in lunch boxes and they took them in backpacks! Here they are enjoying pb&j.

Our playhouse JUST fit on the back patio.

If I let Nelson outside he would eat more dirt than anything else so he had to eat in his highchair.

Oops! Poops!

What is this?... a Diaper on the floor? Oops!... while with out a diaper our little man had an accident on the floor. Thank goodness he missed the carpet by inches!!

A hair cut... well actually a trim!

With girls I just let their hair grow for a long time... it just doesn't work that way with boys!! Nelson's hair started to curl down over his ears, it was a little cute but not very boyish. So when I gave Deric a hair cut the other day I pulled out the scissors and trimmed Nelson's hair too.
Ok... so you can see that I really didn't take much off!!
Am I done yet!!