Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holiday's 2012

This post was supposed to happen before Christmas, I suppose it is OK if I make it out before the New Year right!? Hope you all have a very happy holiday season!

*to the tune of “Rudolph the red nose reindeer”
Deric the red-head father, had a very cute fam’ly.
And if you ever saw it, you would love their chubby cheeks!
All of the little children, have blue eyes just the same.
They really love their parents, and they love their family name!
All this year the children grew, Jess is twelve we say!
Sam is ten, they are so bright!
Sarah, eight, guides with her light!
Carrie will soon be se-ven,
Nelson’s five, and Wally’s three!       Yippee!
Roy is the redish-haired brother,
 That’s our crazy fa-mi-ly!!
Dear family and friends,
We hope our little Christmas tune finds you all in good cheer this holiday season. We love all of you and we are so grateful for your presence in our life. May you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Deric, Muria, Jessica, Samantha, Sarah, Carrie, Nelson, Wally, Roy, the dogs, the cats, and the guinea pigs!
Christmas 2012