Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We started the night before by painting nails to match the day!
Then new homemade hair bows and a little Irish "twist"

A tummy full of magical leprechaun treats!

Top it off with a green shirt and you are ready for the day! (Wally is still sleeping!)

We also ended the day with a corn beef and cabbage meal! Hope you had a green day as well!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor Wally Golly :(

My poor baby doesn't look too bad in this picture. Actually he looks quite happy! But if you look closely you can see his red spots. He was having an allergic reaction to.... what? we really aren't sure. He was like this for almost a week until we gave him a stronger allergy medication. It was a rough week!

These pictures actually don't show him at the worst.

Brrr... put my PJ's on please!
Sleeping on Daddy after a hard itchy day.

He is much, much better now. We will be going to an allergist soon at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Until then he eats no Dairy, citrus, and tomato products.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holiday Crafts

This holiday season I was very busy making homemade treats and gifts for my family and friends. In an earlier post I shared all of the yummy treats I made so I thought that I'd share a few of the hand made gifts that I have given as well. I spent all of December making crochet rag trivets to give to every female member of my family as well as a few friends. I made LOTS of them... do you think I even took one picture? Of course I didn't! (But most of you that read this probably received one and know what they look like!!)

The crocheting did in spire my husband to get me more supplies for Christmas. And since I have been trying all sorts of new things. This picture shows my first attempt at a wash cloth. It came out OK, I still have a lot to learn!

My mom sent me a bag like this at Christmas time. I have duplicated it a few times now as gifts for my nieces. It is super easy to make and lots of fun. My kids really enjoy helping too... drinking the Capri Sun!

Jessica also got crocheting material for Christmas and a round knitting loom. We have both been making these hats. They are really warm and easy to make. Quite a few people have received them as Birthday gifts.
Most recently we have been making hair bows. We made them at Sam's birthday party, I gave them to the girls for Valentines day, and I have been sending them as birthday gifts as well. This is a group that I just sent to yet another niece for her 3rd birthday. Next (today) I am making a red, white, and blue hair bow for Sarah for her patriotic performance she is doing this week.

Samantha's 9th Birthday

This isn't the best picture as far as quality goes but is really does "capture" Sammy's personality. She is so fun and silly and full of happiness. I can't believe that she is nine! The time just goes so fast.
This is a picture from her small party. The girls had a great time. They decorated their own cupcakes, made hair bows, and played party games (Minuit to win it!)

This is Sarah sucking M&M's out of one cup and transferring them to another.
Jess, sorting M&M's

Sammy, trying to get the cracker into her mouth.
This picture was take on her actual birthday. She had this expression in every photo. Apparently every gift was SO EXCITING!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet funny girl, We love you!!