Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer vacation BEFORE the vacation!

I know I promised pictures of our drive across country (and I promise that they are coming) But first I wanted to share the beginning of our summer with you. It all started with Kindergarten graduation. Sarah was so excited and sooo cute. We are so very proud of her and her sisters. They all did a great job this year.

Here Sarah is getting her "diploma."

The girls also had their school variety show. They were each in their class dance and another act. Sam did the Hustle, Jessica sang and danced to "Hot and Cold," and Sarah did "take me out to the ball game." They were awesome and had so much fun. Again We are so proud of them!
We also went to San Diego to visit Deric's sister. We had lots of fun at the beach, seeing seals, hanging out, feeling an earthquake, and playing the flour game. We had tons of fun!

These are pictures of the older girls playing the flour game!

Here we are at the beach... all of our kids and cute Molly.
We got back from San Diego just in time to pick my Nephew Nik up from the airport. We gave him the quick tour of So. Cal. before we headed across country.

The first day I took him to Venice beach to see some of the "crazies" then we went swimming and toured the pier in Santa Monica.

We also went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Deric took him to Hollywood and Universal City. Two days before we left we had a BBQ to celebrate Fathers Day and to have fun with all the cousins we won't see all summer. We were especially glad to spend the time with Ben's family since they are leaving to move to Utah while we are gone.

This is a picture of all the cousins being crazy (except Brooke who was sleeping).
The next day was Fathers day. Then Monday morning we headed out... pictures to follow soon I promise!!