Friday, October 11, 2013

Leaves are falling all around...

Welcome to Maple Canyon. 
 It is a beautiful spot to take kids on their day off from school.
 To walk on the colors of fall.
 And explore the wonder of nature with friends...

 ... and family
 Up hills, over stream beds, through quiet glens...
 until you reach your magnificent destination; a natural stone archway.
 What fun it is.
 Others find the place magical as well and use the natural footholds to touch the sky!

 What a great place to go exploring.

We sure had a great day!
(Nelson some how escaped having a closeup done!)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Utah State 4-H Horse Show

Last weekend was a fun whirlwind of family, and horses! Thursday evening we left for Ogden, Utah home of the Golden Spike arena. It was a busy day and in the rush I forgot a few things (luckily not a child).

Deric was super smart and suggested we bring Wally's trike... this kept him happy most of the time which made all the rest of us very happy.
 He also suggested we bring our wagon, another great idea. We did a lot of walking and the kids enjoyed pushing and pulling each other around.
 Jessica did amazing. This was her first state show and it was Duke's first show (he is a hunting horse).
 Roy fell asleep in the wagon both days.
 This is Jess doing the "trail" event. She had to do a 360 degree turn with Duke in this little box!
 Big smiles during the showmanship!
 Sam got to ride too!!
 This is a speed event called quadrangle.
 Making new friends.
 Waiting to run the poles event. I love the activity in the background... lots of girls were warming up waiting for their turn. I also love that Deric is standing there with her. He was at her side the entire weekend!
 The poster the county Horse committee made for our girls!
 Showing off the county t-shirt!
 This picture is a sad one. Jess is crying. The horse is refusing... he just didn't want to go around the barrel. He was finished at this point, it had been a very long two days. But Jess didn't give up. She worked at each barrel until he would finally relent and go around it.  She MADE him go around all three barrels, a task that was taking most girls around 20 seconds took Jess over 2 minutes... but she never gave up. I was so proud of her. So was the rest of the audience, they all clapped as the finished and the the gate person gave her a high "five". It was a hard life lesson but I am glad she finished, she is too!
Part of the fun on Saturday is the painting and glittering of the horses. Some kids go all out!
 Cleaning up the big boy after a LONG weekend!
 At the very end Roy tried pulling everyone in the wagon. He was successful too, he pulled them all over the place. My baby is getting so big!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nice day for a walk!

It is a nice day to take my brother for a walk!

... or for a drag, what ever works!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fun 4th of July

I titled this "summer fun" first because the 4th of July was almost a month ago! I hope you all had a wonderful day. We sure did!
Deric woke up bright and early and drove to Provo to hold a prime spot for us on University Ave. He got there at 6am for the Parade that starts at 9am!  The kids and I drove up an met him there. Two of Deric's brothers , my sister in law and a bunch of the cousins met us there too! It was a good parade, long but entertaining! 
We love this flag that stands for freedom, and are so grateful for the men and women who have worked and still work to keep it that way.
Every one was red whit and blue for the occasion!

I guess the boys were mostly blue!!

 The girls even painted their nails the night before!
I just loved this picture... this little guy really enjoyed the fire trucks!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scandinavian Festival 2013

Our family lives in Ephraim, which has a rich Scandinavian heritage. So, every year on Memorial Day Weekend they hold a festival to honor and remember their ancestors.  This year we participated a lot in the festivities. 

Sam and Sarah practiced for a few weeks and performed Scandinavian children dances both Friday and Saturday.

 On Saturday I got up early and ran in my first 10k. My entire family was a sleep so there are no pictures of me in my floresent green shirt with a running viking on it!! (so sad!)

Then we go ready and went to the parade. This crew is anxiously awaiting the parade... and the candy everyone throws!
 Can you see Jess marching with the band!?
 Roy spotted her!

 Sarah and Sam got to ride in the parade too!

We had a great day full of face painting, yummy food, bounce houses (all traditional of course!), and fun with friends and family.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day Monkeys!

This year we sent out cards to a few of the dad's in our life with these pictures and a caption that said...