Saturday, September 27, 2008


The boys were here overnight last night. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. At bedtime they were promised one show if they got ready for bed. Here they are zoning...I don't even think they knew their picture was being taken!


The next football player OR maybe the next Motzart!!

The sprinkler was running and Nelson Loved crawling through it... we think he was looking for rocks to eat!

Ahh.. quiet!


I was taking pics of Nelson and Carrie insisted I take her pic... this is her pose!

Sammy Loves School!

Samantha LOVES school... she is learning so fast and enjoying every minute of it.
We are so proud of her.

Jessica's 8th Birthday

Jessica wanted an Olympic Birthday party this year.
It was a lot of fun to plan, and even more fun to watch the kids enjoy! These are the medal standings...
Obstacle Course

Modified Shot Put

Jar Diving

2nd Place Volley Ball
1st Place Volley Ball

Jess got lots of great she is with her new camera!
(Notice in the background her cousin loves her new bike helmet!)

Thank you (all 18 kids) for coming and making this an extra special day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daddy's Boy/Vampire

Nelson the Vampire!
(please excuse the boogie nose, I noticed it after I took the pic, and he wouldn't cooperate long enough to take another one!)
Now this is the life... a man and his son and a bottle of Dr. Pepper.
For Deric it just doesn't get any better than this!!

Sarah's Beautiful Hair

Sarah has the most beautiful LONG hair! Unfortunately she decided (on her own) that she wanted to cut it short!
We decided together to donate it to Locks of Love.
A salon near by will cut your hair for free if you are donating it.

They did a nice job... look at all that hair!

And look how cute... it just shows you she is beautiful no matter what length her hair is!!!
She loves her new do.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going to Church

Ready for church, sitting on our new stairs!
What a good looking crew.

Nelson and Carrie

Being the Queen Bee is hard work..
Carrie finds the craziest places to take a nap.
The beauty sleep is really working for her!

Nelson is crawling everywhere...even in tunnels!

And he is very taken with the baby in the mirror...
here he is kissing himself!

Another First Day!

Sarah's first day of school was August 27th.

First day of School!!

Jessica and Samantha started school August 13th
(Sarah and Carrie are moral support!)

Trip to the Zoo as a Family before school starts!

We decided to take the girls to the zoo before school started.
We had a wonderful time. The animals were all out and very animated.
It was a very hot sunny California day.

Jess and Sarah Participated in a little play about the book
Giraffes can't dance.
Sarah was a warthog, and Jessica was the wise Cricket!

Carrie, Sam, and Nelson just watched.

lft. to rt. Jess, Sam, Sarah, Carrie, and Nelson

It was nice to have some time with Dad!

The Trip Home From Washington

We had such a fun time in Washington with Sarah and Nathan. They were so wonderful to us.
We also had lots of fun on our way home...
(sorry this is kinda backwards, start from the bottom!)

the tour was free, and they even gave you a bag of beans!

mmmm... jelly beans

We spent the first night in a hotel, then drove six more hours to the Jelly Belly Factory!!

It was more beautiful than I can describe, or pictures can show.

Our first stop was Crater Lake in OR

The kids had so much fun with Teta and Uncle Nathan and Molly!

Bye Auntie Muria