Thursday, October 30, 2008

School Pictures

These are this years shcool photos which I really only bought so that I could get their class pics

New Family Pictures

Hi every one... sorry there are a lot of pics but I really think they all came out nice and wanted to share them (especially with Meme) This takes me back a few years... about ten!

The two red heads!

Too Cute!

When did she grow up?


I'm coming to get you mom...

I love my mom!
...and Dad is pretty cool too!

a very happy boy

Talk about growing up...


This picture is so Sarah!!! CUTE

So happy

The girls


Thoughts from Nelson... what have I gotten into!

The crew

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vote For Nelson's Costume

Should Nelson be...
A Marine...

A Tiger....

Or A Witch!!!

( Ok... so I swear this is the first time I have had him in a dress, and I just couldn't resist. Sarah wore this outfit four years ago and I just wanted to see how much he looks like her!)

Halloween Treats!

Spider Treats

On October 13th we made yummy Spider Treats as an afternoon snack. They were so easy! The bodies were peanut butter clay (pb, honey and powdered milk), they had chocolate chip eyes, and pretzel legs, and a graham cracker to put it on! Sarah had tons of fun!

Carrie ate extra chocolate chips (notice the drool!)

Jess and Sam made more than one and delivered some to the neighbors!

Ghost Pops!
On October 15th we went to BR Everitts house to see the new baby (who by the was is so cute and SO tiny). I made these treats with the kid and a few extra so that we could Boo some people from our church. (a BOO is when you make a treat and leave it at someones house anonymously and then it is there turn to Boo someone else).
Noah enjoyed the Chocolate Chips (for the ghost's eyes)

Molly enjoyed watching her cousins
(She is visiting with her mom this week!)

Carrie slept through the entire thing but I made a ghost for her.

A picture just before the kids devoured them!

Halloween Cupcakes!
On October 17th we invited three families from the neighborhood to make cupcakes. There were three stations and the kids really enjoyed making them and eating them!

Carrie ate some frosting and then went to play, decorating was too much work!

Nelson however just wants to know where his cupcake is!
Sorry bud, you'll have to wait till your one!!

There were 11 kids decorating and 3 babies under one.
These were my demos, the kid made one of each of these and then decorated one any way they wanted. All the kids had mini cupcakes.

So I guess I was in a treat making mood this week!

Breastfeeding Awareness

Carrie, Sarah, Nelson, and I walked for Breastfeeding Awareness on October 15th. Here we are with some of the other women.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jessica's Baptism

Our beautiful Jessica was baptized on October 11th, 2008
She was baptized in Valencia CA by her dad. It was a beautiful sunny day, and she was surrounded by family and new friends.
She looked so nice all in white.

Here is the whole crew... Smile!

Mommy and daughter.

Jessica with her uncles (they confirmed her a member of our church)

Doesn't it appear that Jess is saying...get back sisters, this is my day!!

Carrie fell asleep half way through and ended up in Andrews lap.
Later he was afraid we would leave her behind so he went back into the room and carried her out to the door! What a thoughtful uncle (just don't tell him!)

Jessica's Table

Daddy and Daughter!

After the baptism we went back to the house for Root beer floats (which Deric had at his baptism) and cake. Uncle Clark also provided pizza (thanks!)