Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say cheese... or bubbles!

I had Wally and Nelson in the tub the other day and thought I'd try some manual pictures (after some coaching from my sister in law Christie!) They aren't great photos on a technical leval, but the boys, especially Wally, were ready to have pictures taken.

Say cheese Wally, or in this case Bubbles!!

You too Nelson!
I like the shadow in this picture. Wally is such a ham!
Check out the water frozen in mid stream! Wally thinks that Nelson is a riot :)
This shot was taken a few days later. I had given the boys a bath and Carrie got in while I put them in their clothes. Wally snuck away and jumped back in the tub! Here he is, all proud, in his very HEAVY diaper.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah!

My little girl turned seven this month. She is growing up so fast. She is turning into such a lovely young lady. She has a huge heart and a wonderful bouncy personality. I am so glad that she is my daughter!

For breakfast she requested crepes... not the easiest for a school morning, but super yummy non the less!

The night of her birthday we opened gifts. She was very happy with everything, especially her American Girl doll, can you tell!!
Here she is blowing out the candle on a cupcake bite (this was the treat she took to her class, the recipe is from the bakerella blog)

The day after her birthday she had a little party with three of her friends. They had lots of fun with crafts, an egg hunt, and more. Here they are after the hunt!

Here they are again after making some super cute bunny cupcakes from the family fun website.

Over all I think she had a great birthday!