Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Six in Sunny Sothern California!

From Christmas to New Years, my two holiday birthdays! Nelson turned six January first and we happened to be in California for our Thanksmas celebration with Deric's family. We had cake and Ice cream the Sunday before, went to an awesome trampoline "land" on his birthday with cousins and then he had a birthday party with friends when we got home. Over all I believe he was thoroughly celebrated!

He was so excited about his new bike and helmet. He was also nice and let Roy try it out!

 This picture is at Sky High in Valencia CA. Nelson is getting ready to play dodge ball with his cousins! (This was on his actually birthday.)
 He got a sleeping bag from Meme just like Roy did!
 There was even a pinata on his birthday. It happened because we had a family Mexican Fiesta and the pinata fit right in with the festivities! Thanks Grammie!
 Nelson doing flips at Airborne Gym in Ephraim. This was at his party that he shared with Carrie and their friend Austin. We ended up with 30 kids, it was fun. (I will post more about this later.)
 Birthday cupcakes!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Season!

For our family Christmas starts the begining of birthday season. Starting Christmas day and ending around Valentines we have so many birthdays. Both mine and Derics, fours of our children, two sister in laws, a brother in law, many nieces and nephews, other extended family and quite a few friends. It is amazing how crazy it gets. While most people think Thanksgiving to Christmas is hectic, I think the month plus AFTER Christmas is hectic. But amazing! I love to celebrate my family and most especially my children. So my next few posts will be to get you caught up with all of our birthdays, and then I hope to be blogging about once a week because honestly I always have something exciteing to share!!

Merry Birthday Roy!!
Our little "baby" Roy turned TWO on Christmas Day. To make life a little less hectic we decided to celebrate on Christmas Eve.

 He got lots of fun gifts. Sorry some of the pictures aren't great!

The entire family had to try out his new bike!! (Even Dad!)

 Happy Birthday to my sweet, snuggly, animal loving little boy. I am so glad you are a part of our family!!