Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Blog/Letter!

I know I should have sent more cards but with the ever increasing cost of stamps it is hard to send one to everyone on my list. So instead I facebook, blog, and e-mail everyone. That way you all know how much we care about you. And how we wish you a very Merry Christmas! He lives, and is the reason for the season!

Dear Family and Friends,
Our year has gone by in a flash. There has been so much to do and so little time…
Deric graduated from Snow College with two Associates Degrees. He worked a bunch in California over the summer and just recently got his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Rather than work for someone else he bought a Semi truck and is hauling loads to and from the port in California. (By the way he also brought home an 8 week old puppy when our new baby was 6 weeks old... sigh).

Muria has been active: working in the kids schools, running triathlon’s 7.5 months pregnant, shuttling kids to tons of activities, having a baby, working for the WIC office, working for 4H as an afterschool educator, advising the young women at church, chasing a new puppy, becoming a secretary for a trucking company, and I am sure various other tasks. (I am tired are you?) Mostly she just loves being a wife and mom!

Jessica, 14, spent a lot of time this summer riding horses. She was crowned Sanpete Rodeo Sweetheart first attendant. Jess is now a freshman at Manti High School. She enjoys being in band and playing at the school sports events. Recently she joined the jazz band as well. Jess also loves to baby sit (as long as it is not her own siblings!!)

Sammie, almost 13, has been working hard to maintain amazing grades in school. She is a 7th grader at Ephraim middle school. Sam is a student commissioner for her PTSA and runs school pride events each month. She plays the clarinet and guitar and was on the tournament winning soccer team this year.

Sarah, 10.5 and in the 5th grade, is very into horses. She rode all summer for 4H and has greatly improved her skills. If she isn’t riding she is probably reading. Sarah is a voracious reader and is often found snuggled somewhere with a book in her lap. Sarah played soccer this fall and was an amazing goalie!

Carrie, almost 9, is always smiling… really always! She is a jokester and loves to have fun. Carrie is also our social butterfly and loves to hang out with friends. She is in the 3rd grade. This year she has really gotten into dancing and LOVES to perform. She is always talking her brothers into being in some “performance” with her.

Nelson, 7, is really enjoying 1st grade. He played soccer this year as well and liked every minute of it. Nelson has a big heart and is always looking out for others. His teacher says that he is a joy to have in class. He likes riding bikes, playing spies, and building with Legos.

Wally, 5, is an amazing big brother to his new baby brother. He loves to sing to him and hold him. Wally had a super time playing soccer especially since his mom was his coach and his sister Sam was his assistant coach! Wally is doing an online pre-school which he really enjoys. 

Roy, 3, is leaving the “terrible 2’s” and entering into the “torturous 3’s!” He is so very busy and testing all the time! He is so cute and snuggly thought. He will tell you he loves you often, and he is always saying cute little tings!

John Campbell aka Gromit joined our family on July 22! He is a sweet baby who is very happy as long as he is being held (which he is a lot in our house!).

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
Love, Deric Muria Jess Sam Sarah Carrie Nelson Wally Roy John

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to school 2014-15

I can hardly believe that the summer is over. This is the first time I have had a baby in the summer and it really did slow me down. The kids were really excited for school to start. This first picture is of my boys who get to stay home with me! I am so lucky.
1st day of 5th grade
and third grade
and first day of first grade!
This girl is not afraid to show her true colors... literally! I love that she isn't afraid to be herself!
Silly Sammie!
Cute Sarah is ready to go!
Crazy Carrie!
She is ready too!
No one was as excited as Nelson... all day, he couldn't wait to eat lunch at school!!
I'm not sure I am ready to say anything about having a High School-er.  I am so proud and excited for her, I just can't believe that she is old enough to be in High School!
Have a great year!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Just a few pictures from our Valentines Day...
These are the cards we mailed:

Wally's cute Froggie Box!
Nelson's monster, Carrie's I pod, and Sarah's book.
While the siblings are at school Wally and Roy really have a lot of fun together!
Breakfast! Heart pancakes with cherry topping and a chocolate heart garnish!
I also went to dinner that night (with 11 kids and Deric). Then we went to the mall and I got jewelry (Carrie got her ears pierced!), and shoes (Jess needed new church shoes!). It was a really fun, tiring day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sammie is 12!!

My Sammie Ann turned 12 a few days ago. She was very excited about this! In our church 12 means moving out of primary (children's church) and into Young Women's. It is a big year, and since her sister Carrie turned 8 and was baptized it was a heart pulling year for me. My girls are getting so big!

Sam got a bike for her birthday.
She is thrilled with it!
Sorry I don't have better pictures but her birthday was very low key this year. She decided she wanted cake pops instead of cake this year. Jessica thought it would be funny to make them look like chicken nuggets (this is Sam's favorite word... why? I have no idea!) I think they look close to the real thing!
She did blow out the candles but this is the only shot I got with her "chicken nuggets".
Her Young Women leaders surprised her by decorating our door with beehives. (Beehives is the first level in Young Women's, the 12-13 year old girls.)

Also, instead of a party Sammie wanted to have  a day out with me and a friend of her's from CA that moved to Provo, UT a year after we moved. It was really fun. We went out to frozen yogurt, to the mall, to party stores, and out to dinner! It was a great "party." Happy Birthday to my spunky, cute, friendly, clean, second daughter!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Great to be EIGHT!

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In our religion you can be baptized at the age of eight. Our sweet baby girl Carrie turned eight on Jan 31 and was able to be baptized by her dad the very next day!!

One of her best friends was also baptized!
Our family
Thanks Dad! I love you!
These are some pictures we took just a few days before.

Everyone who was able to come (thanks again for making her day special).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sweet Carrie's Birthday!

Jump for joy, Carrie is Eight!

Just before her birthday Carrie had a party with Nelson and a friend of theirs! It was lots of fun with LOTS of kids!! These are their cupcakes.
On her birthday it was the school mascots birthday (readasarus) and the kids wore pj's and pirate attire to school.

Opening gifts was so much fun!

Almost as fun as blowing out the candles on on her twinkie! (Love Sammie's face!)
Over all... birthday success! Happy Birthday to my "baby" girl! (Who is a funny girl too!)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Six in Sunny Sothern California!

From Christmas to New Years, my two holiday birthdays! Nelson turned six January first and we happened to be in California for our Thanksmas celebration with Deric's family. We had cake and Ice cream the Sunday before, went to an awesome trampoline "land" on his birthday with cousins and then he had a birthday party with friends when we got home. Over all I believe he was thoroughly celebrated!

He was so excited about his new bike and helmet. He was also nice and let Roy try it out!

 This picture is at Sky High in Valencia CA. Nelson is getting ready to play dodge ball with his cousins! (This was on his actually birthday.)
 He got a sleeping bag from Meme just like Roy did!
 There was even a pinata on his birthday. It happened because we had a family Mexican Fiesta and the pinata fit right in with the festivities! Thanks Grammie!
 Nelson doing flips at Airborne Gym in Ephraim. This was at his party that he shared with Carrie and their friend Austin. We ended up with 30 kids, it was fun. (I will post more about this later.)
 Birthday cupcakes!