Monday, February 25, 2013


My children are growing up. They change gradually sometimes and other times it is right before my eyes. I love watching this growth and yet can't help but feel some sadness. My babies are growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop it (nor would I want to!). 

The growth of my children has also meant growth of their mother. They have changed me, made me better than I was. I am more patient, more understanding, more everything. I don't mean to say that  better means best, I sure have a LONG way go... and I will NEVER be perfect, just as long as I am better than I was when I first became a mom! 

 I feel bad sometimes for Jessica who had to break me in, to teach me how to be a Mom! I sure hope she gets extra blessings for putting up with training ME! All of my children really deserve gold medals for having to help in my training process! My growth as a mom has really taught me to relax more, appreciate the little things, and look my children in the eyes and SEE them as often as I can. 

My children have grown so much lately. Sam, Sarah, and Carrie all just had parent teacher conferences and their teachers all had wonderful things to say about them! I left the school so proud to be their mother!  Nelson is learning more and more this year as we prepare for Kindergarten in the fall. But the most growth lately has come from my other three... the youngest boys and my oldest child!

Roy of course is changing from a cute baby into a toddler before my eyes. He is walking, going up and down the stairs and climbing everything. He is so inquisitive, I love to watching him and see his little wheels turning as he decides what to get into next!!

Wally has been slightly more difficult than my other children. He is passionate, obstinate, and quick to anger. He pushes me to my limits very often. But he has a softer side, one of quick hugs laughs and and lots of jokes. This softer side has been present more and more and I am loving this change. He is so fun and he is always looking out for his little brother Roy. Just the other day he heard Roy crying and went and gathered books for him to make him happy. Not only did he get Roy to settle down, but he got him to start laughing!!


The other major change has come from Jessica. Last year she attended an activity for church where she has to stand up in front of a bunch of people. She was nervous and self conscious. I could tell it was hard for her but she did it any way and I was so proud of her. Last night she had another such opportunity. But this year as school she has been working on a play and doing a few other things that really put her just out side her comfort zone.The change was amazing. She looked at the crowd, was funny and entertaining, and did a wonderful job. I know it still wasn't easy for her but the growth was amazing. She was also recognized for completing a project for her personal progress (a program for young women at church) and earned a ribbon for knowledge. (I will  post more about her project later.) She is working hard, earning all A's, and trying new things... she is also babysitting for other people now too!  My little girl is growing up!
This years theme for the youth of our church is "Stand Ye in Holy Places"

Sorry for all of the words... my head and heart were full today!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy New Year Birthday!

The second birthday of our "Birthday Season" was the first day of the New Year. My handsome Nelson turned five years old as we rang in the New Year. As a family we decided that there would be no big parties this year. Only a family party with a friend or two to share cake and ice cream with.

Nelson has lots of interests so picking a cake theme was hard... Lego, Nerf, Star Wars?... as you can see Star Wars won this time but it leaves me plenty of options for next year!!

I just love his sweet face! This boys eyes sparkle all the time!
Opening gifts with eager siblings. My favorite part of gift giving is watching my other children get so excited about GIVING to others!

At preschool Nelson got to celebrate with friends. Hmmm... I think I have seen this crown someplace, what do you think?
I hope that he had a great day. I sure enjoyed celebrating him for a day. He got to choose his breakfast (crepes) and dinner (pigs in a blanket!). He also was exempt from his chores for the day!

What fun it is to watch this little boy grow. He has really changed this past year and all signs of baby and toddler-hood have left him. He is very Independence and loves to make his own popcorn and pour his own drinks. He is very modest, but not shy. He loves to play with others and can't wait until the snow is gone some more so he can ride his bike and new "motorcycle." I sure love this child and I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven is allowing me to raise him. Happy Birthday buddy!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week 2013

This year we tried to do fun and inexpensive teacher appreciation gifts. I am really happy with the results. I hope my children's teachers felt appreciated.

On Friday the 8th I hung the teacher posters. I am really excited about how these came out. The kids enjoyed having me take their pictures and making the posters personal. The kids are making "fishy faces" on the steam poster. Also each fish lists what the kids feel their teacher gives to them. The tree is filled with apple kids. Their hands make the leaves and list the ways that their teacher gives to them!

Monday they started with Simply OJ stating that they are "simply" the best.

Tuesday brought much needed flower markers, thanking the teacher for helping the class to "bloom."

Wednesday let them know that "O FISH Ally" they are great teachers.
Thursday the teachers were told how
"Extra" special they are.

 Friday was the bigger gift. I printed out these cute tree templates and had the kids put fingerprints on them for the leaves. Then I wrote all of their names on the branches and framed the entire thing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday "Season"

For most people "surviving" the holidays means pulling everything together and making it through Christmas or maybe even New Years. For me, well, I don't get to take a deep breath until after Valentines day!!  You see, for our family "Birthday Season" starts Christmas Day and lasts until February 8th. Then (here at our elementary school) the next week is teacher appreciation, Valentines day, and Parent Teacher conferences, I swear they are trying to kill me!! So right now I am able to breath, and blog!!! I am going to start with Roy's birthday first (Christmas Day!) and work my way forward. Hope you enjoy!

The kids were soooo excited to have cake on Christmas. We had a small little family party for our adorable, fun, easygoing one year old! Here are a few pics. to recap...
Say cheese birthday boy!
 His Lion Birthday Cake
 Hmmm... this is yummy!

 He ate ALL of the little lion cake!!
 Opening gifts... He loved his new "taggie" Lion (yes, Lion's are his animal!)
This picture is to show that I finally finished his baby blanket. You know, the one that all of my kids get when they are born... his may have been a year late! That's what happens when you come three weeks early!!(and you have a mom who tends to procrastinate!)  Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

We LOVE this day to celebrate LOVE. There are so many people in our lives that we LOVE it is nice to share the LOVE with them.  This year we are doing a count down to Valentines day and each day we pull an activity to do as a family out of a jar. We then complete the task like "heart attack" someone's door, give a treat to someone, watch a romantic movie (we watched "Hotel Transylvania"!), etc... it has been lots of fun.

 These are the pictures we made into a card that we sent out to Grandparents...

The kids also had fun decorating boxes to collect their valentines in , and addressing valentine cards. We weren't creative this year and just bought valentines (honestly it was cheaper to do it this way).  Here are their boxes...

Every one wore Reds or pinks today too.  We ate yummy cherry chocolate crepes for breakfast and I did Valentine hair dos! It was a busy morning!! Even the boys got their hair done, something that I NEVER do! The kids got chocolates and a small gift from Deric and Me. (I made the girls their necklaces and the boys got little trucks.)

 Sorry for the long post! Hope you have a great day filled with LOVE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spelling Bee

The spelling bee was a hot topic in our house this year. It amazes me that my kids are pretty good spellers (well some of them) because Deric and I are NOT good spellers!

Sarah made it to the school spelling bee. She was very excited and nervous. She did a great job and we are very proud of her.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Play Pen"

 I have never really used my pack and play as a play pen but the other day we were doing things that we didn't want Roy to get into so into the "play pen" he went. I expected him to be upset with this decision. Instead he played very nicely for a long time. Who would have thought?!  I suppose it helps that big brother wally jumped in and played with him, brought him toys, and over all kept him entertained!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Penguin Day

Nelson started going to preschool in November with a friend. It started as a temporary arrangement and has become a permanent one. He loves to go. The other day was Penguin day. Wally let Nelson borrow his hat. I love the sparkle in his eyes in this picture!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sam's Play

Sammy's reading group at school did a play for their class. She was "Hannah" the adventures girl who a a thing for style. She did a great job, it was really fun to watch. They happened to preform on PJ day at school so their outfits are a bit um... relaxed!