Friday, February 21, 2014

Sammie is 12!!

My Sammie Ann turned 12 a few days ago. She was very excited about this! In our church 12 means moving out of primary (children's church) and into Young Women's. It is a big year, and since her sister Carrie turned 8 and was baptized it was a heart pulling year for me. My girls are getting so big!

Sam got a bike for her birthday.
She is thrilled with it!
Sorry I don't have better pictures but her birthday was very low key this year. She decided she wanted cake pops instead of cake this year. Jessica thought it would be funny to make them look like chicken nuggets (this is Sam's favorite word... why? I have no idea!) I think they look close to the real thing!
She did blow out the candles but this is the only shot I got with her "chicken nuggets".
Her Young Women leaders surprised her by decorating our door with beehives. (Beehives is the first level in Young Women's, the 12-13 year old girls.)

Also, instead of a party Sammie wanted to have  a day out with me and a friend of her's from CA that moved to Provo, UT a year after we moved. It was really fun. We went out to frozen yogurt, to the mall, to party stores, and out to dinner! It was a great "party." Happy Birthday to my spunky, cute, friendly, clean, second daughter!

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