Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah's Beautiful Hair

Sarah has the most beautiful LONG hair! Unfortunately she decided (on her own) that she wanted to cut it short!
We decided together to donate it to Locks of Love.
A salon near by will cut your hair for free if you are donating it.

They did a nice job... look at all that hair!

And look how cute... it just shows you she is beautiful no matter what length her hair is!!!
She loves her new do.


The Kelley Family said...

Sarah you are so cute! We love the new do!! James says he's not sure if he would recognize you??? Lauren and Lexi just cut all their hair off this past week too! Lauren had enough to donate just like you. You girls are so thoughtful!!!

The Nates said...

So cute! Some little girl is going to be very glad she has Sarah's hair!


the4corners said...

I love your haircut! What a thoughtful girl,giving your hair to someone in need.