Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Saturday we went to cousin Grace's 5th birthday party. She had a KITE party in the park. It was tons of fun and the kids loved flying the kites. Here is Carrie running with her blow up kite. This first video is of Sarah with her kite. She was having lots of trouble, so Uncle Everitt helped her get it high in the sky. Then she would just sit on the ground and let it fly (while everyone around her was struggling to keep theirs flying!)

Jessica and Sammy loved running the kites and did have them flying really well a few times!


Heartfelt Homemaking said...

What a cool or should I say windy idea for a party. It looks like everyone had a blast.

Ben & Rachel said...

It was a fun party

The Kelley Family said...

Deric - love your video narration!

The Stark Bunch said...

Flying kites are so much fun! Looks like a great party!