Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My friend in NH has been asking for more pictures of our new "little" guy... here are are few!

We went to church on sunday... here he is looking his best!

TWO boys!!

SIX children!!!

The new DM Everitt Family!

Wally today in his new racoon outfit.

More pictures coming soon...


The Kelley Family said...

THANK YOU!!!! I will need lots of pics to make up for the fact that I can't hold him!! He is such a cutie muffin!!!! These pics really make me want to come see you! Love you all!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ohhh! He is so adorable! And you all look great! I know I'm not the firend in NH, but thank you for posting more pictures! Please give all the kids big hugs and kisses.

sheila said...

Thanks for the pic's ,He's sooo cute, everyone looks nice. we need video too,Please.!!!!!
miss you guys!

Ben & Rachel said...

What a great looking family! Congratulations.