Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Samantha gets baptized!

On Saturday February 13, Samantha Ann was baptized by her dad. It was such a wonderful day. Everything went so well, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Here are a few pictures...

The entire family just before.

Daddy and Daughter all in white!
I am such a proud Mom!

Sammy with her beautiful CTR towel that Teta made for her (thanks Teta!)

The men that confirmed her a member of the church and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost!

A cute cookie... CTR... "Choose the Right"

After the baptism we went back to our house for some pizza root beer floats and cake.


AB said...

Allison baked?!

Sorry we missed your special day, Sam!

The Kelley Family said...

Love the family pic at the top! Looks like a great day!

AutismPsyD said...

Yay, Samantha! Well done! Wish I could have been there to say it in person, and to give you a great big hug! Love ya, Grace

Ben & Rachel said...

Congratulations Sammy, what a great day!