Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is the picture I sent out to everyone for Mother's Day. It could be a preview since I was very late in getting them mailed... the intention was good! I hope that all of you mothers out there have a great day! I would like to share with you a few things that I received today... I cried (but happy tears), just like my daughter Sam drew on her card for me!!

My children with the help of my husband made me breakfast in bed... a heavenly thing for me. (Not having the get up to fix everyone breakfast, and sausage served to me is my idea of heaven!!) All joking aside, I was then given lots of cards, two beautiful magnet boards hand made by my oldest two daughters. A hand stamped card from Carrie, a beautiful flower pin hand made by Sarah that was complemented MANY times at church! A wonderful massage/facial gift certificate from my husband (who bartered labor in fixing a few things at the salon for it-thrifty and thoughtful the best kind of gift!!) But the best gifts were the words that my children wrote in the cards... I'd like to share them with you because I am so grateful for my thoughtful children and even more grateful that these are the words that make them think of me ( I only hope I can live up to their praise!)

A card from Jessica lists.... You are, sweet, nice, remarkable, funny, teaching, smart, loving, understanding. I love you mom (MOM ROCKS)

Sammy's Hanging Poem reads:

Sarah made me a book... "You are my I love you"
It is to long to put the entire thing but the last page says... I am your child. You are my mother and you are my I love you.

She also had a fill in the blank page... I'd like to share a few of her answers!!

My Mom is Wonderful!
She is pretty as a cupcake
She is 28 years old
She weighs 21 pounds and is 10 feet tall

Oh, to live up to all of these things!!! All I can say is that I LOVE being a mother. I have never worked so hard in my life, nor been so rewarded! I am grateful for this responsibility, and I am ever trying to be better. I hope you all have a great day!


AB said...

21 pounds! Kiss that kid 21 times! I love that Brother Downen was talking to your family from the pulpit today. You guys are so special. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day!

The Kelley Family said...

Love you card! That is such a fun pic! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, all the cards and poems from the kids are so great! I love Sarah's fill in the blank answers!! Happy Mother's Day!

The Gurrs said...

That made me tear up. Those were very sweet gifts and I'm glad you felt so appreciated on your day! Being a mother is definitely a ton of work and worth every second...especially in those sweet bonding moments.