Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Race to the Finish!

Sorry it has taken me so long to finish blogging about Memorial Weekend. We really had lots of fun. Saturday was as I already posted a day of blueberries! Sunday we were able to see a fireworks show that was ok. They had problems with the music, and it just isn't the same without the patriotic songs playing! Then Monday was packed. We got up early and drove back to La Canada so that I could race in the 10k. I set a personal goal this year to run a 10k without walking at all. (The other races that I have run I did a run/walk).

This first picture is of the start of the race. I am in that group! So are my brother and sister in law... they ran the 5k, but we all started together.

Coming in to the finish line. I was hoping to run it in less than 1hr and 15 min... my time was exactly 1hr! I am smiling here because there was so much family at the end to cheer me on... Deric and the kids, and lots of my in-laws!

After the race we had breakfast with family friends. Then we went and enjoyed a really fun (although a bit long) parade. After the parade we all went to some other friends for a cookout. It was so nice because all of Deric's siblings and their families were there too! (Except Andrew). The back yard was perfect for the kids and they had so much fun. Here are Nelson and Molly hanging out in the pool together. This was after we took off their soaking wet clothes!!
The girls playing on the wonderful swings!
Auntie Rachel with Molly and Wally!!
And of course when Deric filled up the pool he had to run around and spray the kids!
After the cookout we went back to the park for an outdoor concert with even more friends. It was a wonderful fun exhausting weekend that I feel like I am just now recovering from!!


The Kelley Family said...

What fun! You did such a great job in that race!! And you look great too!!! Love the t-shirts, did you bump them down so they would fit Wally? The boy's are already looking for ideas for this summers T! Can't wait to see you all!!!

AB said...

You totally rock. I'm so impressed with your determination AND your accomplishments. You're my inspiration when I think I can't do anything else: If Muria with her 6 kids can - then my lazy butt sure as heck can!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Muria! That is so awesome! Your weekend sound jam packed full of tons of fun. Can;t wait to see you all soon.

Hoop said...

Awesome job. That is so great. Are you going to run a 5k with me and Lizzy Tish while you are here. I am half way at running the whole amount. It would be super fun to run it together. I bet I will slow you down tho. Cant wait to see you. Selena

Ben & Rachel said...

Congrats on your run! You did a great job.