Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Settled

We made the move. And now we live in Ephraim, UT. We are getting settled and looking for jobs. Here is a short overview...

We left California on Friday October 29th in the afternoon. We had so many people helping us! It was hard to say good-bye.

Here is a picture of our caravan. We have so much stuff!!! I drove one truck with a dog and the two guinea pigs. Deric drive the other truck with the cat and the trailer attached. My mom drove the van with all six kids, our friend Krisitina, and the turtle!!

We got to Ephraim on a rainy cool Saturday. Deric, his brother Ben and I unloaded the two trucks into this 32x12 storage unit. This picture is AFTER we have taken more than four trailer loads to our new home.
Our new home... Is the Oak Tree Apartment building, unit #K. Here the kids are by the front door. It is a three bedroom apartment that is working very well for our family.
In the front yard of the apartment building.
And "why?" you ask would we move to Ephraim, UT? Well Deric is going back to school. Snow college is located here. It is a beautiful campus. We can't wait to show you more pictures of the area. We are located in a valley of the Wasatch Mountains. We are at about 5,500 feet. Stay tuned for more pictures!!


Kimi said...

So glad to hear you made it safe and have a place to live. Miss you!

Eric said...

Sorry I missed your move. I hope you enjoy living in Ephraim. Snow College was one of our big rivals when I was at Ricks College a hundred years ago. Hope to see you back in Newhall sometime.

Eric Adair

Christie said...

Glad to see you made it safely and are getting settled! We hope to see you soon!

Ben & Rachel said...

I am glad you are closer!