Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

Happy Holiday


This year we write in gratitude for:

Our Family. Deric is now working as an Assistant Manager at Little Cesars pizza while he continues to go to school full time at Snow College. He is doing very well in his studies! Muria has been busy with many school events and the PTA, church activities, teaching lactation classes and the overall busyness that six children bring!

We have been so blessed to have a house full of energy filled loving children. Each has grown and changed so much in the past year. Jessica is now eleven and in 6th grade at the middle school. She is enjoying band and playing the baritone. Samantha, almost 10 is in fourth grade. She is very social and is always having fun with her friends and siblings. Sarah, who is seven and a half, is very focused on her next birthday and getting baptized in April! She is in second grade and her passion this year is books! Carrie, six next month, will be asking Santa for her two front teeth this year! She is LOVING being in kindergarten. Nelson, four on New Years, is full of fun and energy. He is turning out to be quite the artist this year as he colors and cuts and pastes picture after picture! Wally is indeed TWO and we will just say he lives up to what they say about two year olds!!! He is full of energy and mischief, but he also loves to snuggle and play with his siblings. Last is Roy… due to make his arrival on January 5th. We can’t wait to meet him and enjoy his sweet spirit!!!

Our Home. After being in Ephraim, Utah for a year now and moving 5 times we are soooo grateful for our new home. We bought it and moved in September 1st. It is cozy with plenty of room for us.

You. Our friends and family that light up our lives and support us in all that we do. Our lives are so much richer because you are a part of them. Near or far, if we see you often or not, we love you and are grateful for you.

Our Faith. This time of year we reflect on what really means the most. We are grateful for our savior and what his birth and death mean for us. We are grateful to be able to learn of his teachings all year long.

We pray this letter finds you well. There are so many blessings to reflect on, these are just a few. May you reflect on the blessings in your life and find many things to be grateful for this holiday season!

Love, Deric, Muria, Jessica, Samantha, Sarah, Carrie, Nelson, and Wally

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