Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scandinavian Festival 2013

Our family lives in Ephraim, which has a rich Scandinavian heritage. So, every year on Memorial Day Weekend they hold a festival to honor and remember their ancestors.  This year we participated a lot in the festivities. 

Sam and Sarah practiced for a few weeks and performed Scandinavian children dances both Friday and Saturday.

 On Saturday I got up early and ran in my first 10k. My entire family was a sleep so there are no pictures of me in my floresent green shirt with a running viking on it!! (so sad!)

Then we go ready and went to the parade. This crew is anxiously awaiting the parade... and the candy everyone throws!
 Can you see Jess marching with the band!?
 Roy spotted her!

 Sarah and Sam got to ride in the parade too!

We had a great day full of face painting, yummy food, bounce houses (all traditional of course!), and fun with friends and family.

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