Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sammie is...11?!

Today the girls and I were talking about school for Jessica next year and Jess said... "Well, Sam will be in the middle school too!" I stopped and turned to Samantha and realized that Jess was right. Sam will be in the middle school next year, how did that happen? (groaning inwardly) my kids are growing up soooo fast. (This also means that Nelson will be in elementary school next year!) Here is a quick peak at Samantha's birthday, which was on Feb 8th. The last post for our "birthday season." Which is good because Sarah's birthday is in one month!!

Blowing out the candles, I hope she wished for something good!

Samantha is always so good at making you feel like you gave her the best gift ever!!
I hope Sammie had a wonderful day. It was fun to celebrate her. She is such a smart, funny, wonderful girl. I am glad to be her mother, she teaches me things all the time. Happy Birthday cute Sam!

Oh yeah, Deric and I have birthday's in the "season" too, but our pictures aren't as cute as the kids!!

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