Friday, July 25, 2008

Going to the Beach!

Thursday (7/24) I took all of the kids on a two hour drive to the OR coast.
Foolishly I put them in bathing suits... It was so cold we were in sweatshirts the entire time! But it was so much fun. Our first stop was in Seaside, a cute little tourist town. We ate lunch at the beach, then we tried flying our kite. The wind was actually two strong for our very little kite and we gave up. Then we went down to the water...

You cant really see it but this pic shows the date.

The water was freezing, but enticing!

Carrie was not impressed by the water "following" her, she stayed out of the wet sand the entire time.

After the beach we went for a potty break and found a fun old carousal...

Carrie rode all by herself... no one standing next to her!

Ready to go!

I am the big sister and sacrifice for my little sisters, therefore I am riding a pig!
(What a great sister Jess is!)

Too cute on a bunny.

Mommy got to ride with Nelson... poor horse!
Nelson LOVED the ride!

After riding and then getting salt water Taffy (over 170 flavors to choose from), we went back to the beach to the little Aquarium. We enjoyed looking at fish, feeling creatures in the touch tanks, and then feeding the seals.

Can I throw it to them now?

This seal ate most of our fish... they were very cute and entertaining.

The girls had to launch the fish over the little fence.


The fish was like this when I picked it up... I swear.

Quick take the picture so I can throw this thing!

After the Aquarium we drove down the coast a few miles to Cannon Beach.
It was gorgeous!

The girls in front of Haystack Rock.

There were birds flying all around the rock.

Looking North along the beach... Seaside is around the bend.

Ok, I was there but the ocean wind was not kind to my hair!
Nelson enjoyed ever minute of it.
He especially liked when I put his feet in the sand... he giggled!

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