Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer fun!

Today we braided the girls hair, amazingly even Carrie held still long enough!

After dinner we went to Sonic for Ice cream cones!
Once finished the girls played tag... it brought back memories of my childhood!

Ok, so Nelson won't eat cereal, squash, or bananas but grass is oh so good!!


The Nates said...

How embarrasing that our lawn is so dead! Looks loke you guys are having a great time in washington. Wish we could be there!


The Nates said...

that is a beautiful picture of nelson. Even if he is eating grass!

Heartfelt Homemaking said...

Hey everyone looks great! We miss you tons. What has been going on for the last month? I don't see any new updates. I also don't have your e-mail - don't know what happened there. Drop me a line at Love to all of you! Elizabeth and the family