Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Five Today!!

Five years ago we welcomed our third beautiful daughter into our family. "Baby Sarah" as she was affectionately know for so long, was the most wonderful sweet baby. At one she became the most wonderful, stubborn, willful, dramatic, loving, extreme, child we have ever met.... and she still is today, and we wouldn't change her for a second!!
Today started with a cuddle with Mommy, and then a bowl or two of cinnamon toast crunch (per her request!) Then before Daddy left for work Sarah opened a few gifts... she was so excited. She has been counting this day down for about a year now!!
Then we made cupcakes to take to her class... she wanted a rainbow. She also got to speak to her Meme and open her present on skype, it was a fun morning. Then we rushed off to Glendale for a kids concert in the park... "this is the best birthday ever" she told me as we were leaving.

After the park we went to her old pre-school class to celebrate. They made her a crown and a card that everyone signed. She also got to play with the kids for a while.

The kids were excited to share the cupcakes with her and even sang her happy birthday twice!

This is our sweet Sarah in her new dress that Meme sent. She LOVES that it came with a matching dress for her monkey... she just told me two days ago that monkey needed a new dress!!

I am so grateful for this wonderful spirit that we have been entrusted with. Sarah teaches me many things every day and I am grateful for all that she brings to our family. She is so full of love and all emotion, I am proud to say she is my daughter!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!


The Kelley Family said...

It doesn't seem possible that you are 5! We love you and miss the "top of the food chain"!!!
Muria- love the rainbow cupcakes!

Ben & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!