Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

I am so grateful for the Dads in my life. I grew up in a loving home with a Dad that always worked hard to take care of us. He taught me how to shoot, and took us camping and was always there when we needed him. He always pushed me to do more, work harder, and do my very best. I am grateful for him and all that he has meant to shaping the woman I am today. I love you Dad, thank you. I am also grateful for my husband. He didn't grow up with a Father so becoming one himself was new to him. He is GREAT Dad. He plays with his children, loves them, and makes them laugh. He is strong when they need him, and soft when they need that too. With a house full of girls he has had to become more sensitive to crying, and many other girly things. He takes it all in stride and at the end of every day he kisses them good-night and tells them he loves them. I am so grateful that he is their Dad, and my husband. I thank God every day for our family!

I am also grateful for my grandfather... my hiking companion and overall outdoors teacher. We canoed, swam, and just walked together often. He taught me to drive, and gave me way too much candy as a kid. Many other men are figures of fathers in my life. Poppy, is a wonderful grandfather to my children, and Bob a great-grandfather. The Uncles and Aunts in our lives, friends, and other family. I and so grateful for all of the men who support and shape mine and my children's lives.

Thank you and Happy Fathers Day!

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The Kelley Family said...

Very sweet and nice pics too!!