Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you say GROSS!!

We planted tomatoes this year and the plants are doing great! They are covered with hundreds of green tomatoes just ready to ripen. Unfortunately we notice that something was eating them, and the plants. After some research we set out to find the tomato horn worm that we suspected was eating our yummy food. Deric and I spent a long time searching and this is what we found. These very yucky worms that were devouring our plants. Needless to say they didn't last much longer than to have their picture taken. Hopefully we got them all but we will be on the look-out.


The Kelley Family said...

Yum! My favorite little (or should I say huge) pests!!! This year we planted marigolds all around our tomato plants and no sign of them yet...thankfully, I really do hate them!!!!!!!!

The Stark Bunch said...

Yucky! I love tomatoes and I'm glad these little buggers aren't crawling on our plants.