Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eldridge Family Dinner

On July 31st we had a fun Family Dinner with the Eldridges (my Mom's side of the Family). We gathered early at my Grandfather's house. As you can see it was a rainy day. The kids enjoyed playing in the puddles as we cooked lasagna and waited for others to get there.

Nelson was sick of the rain and went and got paper towels to mop up the puddles... he wasn't very successful!
Dinner was yummy... Meat, Cheese, or Chicken Alfredo Lasagna with salad and garlic bread as well as veggies with dip and "Taco Salad" (our family's version of 7 layer dip). Thanks to everyone who brought parts of dinner to share!!

Tyson and Nelson climbing in the apple tree.

My kids holding my cousin Kayla's baby.... Kayla was their babysitter for years, and once upon a time I was her babysitter!

Fourth generation!
Those who could be there... many were not (catch you next time!)

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Ben & Rachel said...

Looks like a fun summer! We are glad you are back in CA!