Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jessica's Birthday

My oldest baby, the one who made me a mother, turned 9 today. It can't be. I feel it was just yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. She was perfect, and I was overjoyed at the wonderful little spirit that I had been given. She has grown, A LOT, since then. She is now a beautiful, sensitive, loving, caring...young lady. I am grateful for her, and the fact that she is a wonderful big sister, and helper. Happy Birthday to my "baby" Jessica!
To celebrate Jess had a sleepover last night with her friend Jocelyn. They played wii, decorated the house, made chocolates and chocolate covered popcorn, made pillowcases, and watched a movie. I turned out the lights at she was exhausted, but I think it was a fun sleepover!
Today we had the cousins over for cake and ice cream. Here they all are wishing her a happy birthday after she opened her gifts. (Thank you for the great gifts!)

Jess requested a guinea pig cake this year. This is what I came up with, I think it came out pretty good. She definitely liked it!

Here she is after seeing it!

The guinea pig was modeled after her own 'pig' butterscotch.


Cookies and Crumbs said...

What an action packed birthday! Love the cake!

Ben & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Jessica. I can't believe she is so big. The cake looked amazing!

The Kelley Family said...

Happy Birthday Jess!!! We love you and miss you and wish we could have been there! Nice job on the cake Muria, the two "pigs" look just alike!