Monday, September 14, 2009

Pictures at the Temple

The other day we went to the Temple to take pictures of our children. The spot is so beautiful, we knew we would be able to find many places to take nice pictures.

This is the picture we chose to send out for grandparents day!

I LOVE my dad!!!
The kids by the fountain

Sitting in the shade of a palm tree...very California!!

Daddy and kids...
And Mommy too!

And coming!
Ten years!!

Bare favorite!

Our new picture tree!!


The Kelley Family said...

LOVE the pics!! Everyone looks great in all the pics!! I wish my munchkins would be that cooperative during photos! I really like the one you put on the title!

AB said...

You guys are too cute. Nash wouldn't sit still for that many pix. Maybe the peacefulness of the temple grounds would help to keep the him calm....?

Cookies and Crumbs said...

Very adorable photos! Nelson looks like he cooperates so well. I can't even get my little bug to look at me if I have a camera.