Thursday, August 19, 2010

We are still here!

I know that I promised pictures of our trip from CA to NH but lack of Internet access really has hindered my blogging. We have had a fun, adventurous, exciting, busy summer that also included a trip back from NH to CA. Now that I am home the task of blogging everything is overwhelming. I, of course, really would like to do it all in order. Reality is however, that I should just do what I can do. So my first post is one from during our NH trip. More to come, but in a completely random order :)

This first picture is of the view from my grandparents house. We spent one afternoon just hanging out with him on the lawn. It was such a wonderful day. This is the spot where I spent a lot of time growing up. I was married here and our first house is just out of range and to the left. I love this view!

While we were there I felt inspired to take pictures at our "picture tree" (we took pics there a lot when we lived in NH.)


Ta Da! This is just after everyone had their hair cut.
With Great Grandpa.
This one was just for fun. I used to play on this rock all the time as a child. It is so fun to watch my own children enjoying the same things!!
More soon...


AutismPsyD said...

What beautiful pictures! It is such a pleasure to see how well all of the children are growing. One can easily see the gospel glow from them. It looks to me like CA living is agreeing with all of you. I'm sad that I missed getting to see you, but life has its twists and turns and is filled to the brim right now. I love your family and cherish my memories of times together. Press on with faith!

Ben & Rachel said...

So cute!

The Kelley Family said...

Love the pics! We love looking at their smiling faces!! Can't wait to see more!!