Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Vacation while on Vacation (to Vermont)

While in NH we spent a lot of time with our friends the Kelley's. We even went on a trip to Vermont. Two adults and 10 kids... it was an adventure. The drive itself was an adventure!!

We arrived at a campground the first evening and started setting up. While we were putting up the tents a ranger stopped by and informed us that a major thunderstorm was projected to hit later that night. They were predicting high winds and hail. If we needed to we should seek shelter in the bathroom. I know that Liz and I went to bed a bit apprehensive. Amazingly the storm never hit us.... we were so grateful!

While setting up I realized that the tent we were borrowing had holes all through the rain fly. I was glad that we brought an extra tarp. This was our finished campsite. I have to say that I am proud of the job that we did!


Picnic area

The kids ready for breakfast the first morning.

Here are all of the kids working together to get some rope and a clip out of a tree (that had been left by someone else). They worked at it for quite a while until Jessica became a step stool.

We did a lot more in Vermont but I am going to post it in sections.... next up will be Shelburne Farm!


AB said...

You are a pioneer woman! I admire your willingness to do these kind of things. Camping with kids and without husband - not for the weary!

The Kelley Family said...

The post looks great! Looking back on the pics I smile... and then I remember the chaos! Ha! It was fun though!! Can't wait to see more pics! I will probably link up to your blog if that's okay?