Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogger Slacker

I know it has been a while since I posted. But life has been even crazier than usual. If you didn't know we are moving. Packing a house is really quite a chore. I am trying to be super organized at the same time and it is making the process long, but rewarding. I have purged a ton (something that is sooo hard for me). Wally has even helped!

Life has continued to go on in the midst of the packing. The kids had a sock hop at school last week and I last minute decided to make them all poodle skirts. Here is a quick family photo before we went to the event. And since you can't see it Nelson has a comb in his back pocket... the final touch to his outfit.
I also want to add this great deal we got the other day. My friends out there who like a good deal had better sit down for this one!! A Walgreens opened two days ago down the street and they had a few deal busters. We took full advantage! We purchased all of this for under $50. Over 300 bags of m&m's, 144 packs of gum, and 70 packages of silly bands (not shown). You would normally pay well over $500 for all of that!!! The best part of the deal was the m&m's 20 for $1, you can't even get "penny" candy for that price these days!! Anyhow, I just had to share.


Elizabeth said...

Love the skirts. Glad it is you packing and not me. And what a great deal! You go girl. Miss you guys.

Lauren said...

Did Deric get a job?!! Where are you moving?