Monday, September 20, 2010

Double Digits

My beautiful first child turned TEN yesterday. I reminisced by going through the album that documents her birth and first few months. The memory of her that young is still fresh, feeling like yesterday. And yet ten amazing years have gone by. Raising Jessica is a Joy. She is fun and smart, loving and caring. She is a huge help to me all of the time. I am more grateful for her than I could ever express in words.

Six years old!

"Healthy" pea and carrot cupcakes to share with her class.
She decided she wanted an owl cake for her birthday.
She helped me make everything... the cake, fondant, modeling chocolate, frosting, and filling. But I put it all together after she went to bed. She was surprised and delighted with the results.
Happy Birthday Ica, we love you so much!!


Cookies and Crumbs said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! The cake turned out super cute! (Looks just like your necklace!)

The Kelley Family said...

Happy birthday Jess! Can't believe you are 10 (and James is right around the corner!!) You both must stop growing as of this year!!! The owl cake is so cute! Love the peas and carrots too!!