Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Luke 2

Since we have moved to Ephraim we have tried to be as involved as we possibly can. So when our neighbors (also new to Ephraim, also with six children) signed our families up to do the Nativity at our church Christmas party, we jumped at the chance!

We worked hard to get everything just right (in a very short amount of time). All of our children participated, except for little Wally. At the last minute the other two youngest decided it was too much for them too!

Jessica was the Narrator and she read the story straight out of the bible, Luke chapter 2 verses 1-12.
Mary and Joseph traveled across the stage to the Inn, where there was no room. All of these parts were played by the other family.

Mary brought fourth a child. Meanwhile shepherds (Sarah was one) were visited by an angel (our Samantha), while they tended their flocks (Carrie was the lone sheep since Nelson and the other little girl were too tired from practice!)

"Away in a Manger"

The children really did an amazing job. It was really fun watching them, and it really brought the real reason for the holiday to life for my kids!!


Nathan and Sarah said...

That is so awesome! I wish we could have seen it!

Cookies and Crumbs said...

How cute! I bet they did and awesome job! We are heading to UT in a week and pray we won't freeze our tails off!

Have a Merry Christmas!