Thursday, December 16, 2010

Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

There is something so wonderful about this time of year. The warmth that is felt when Christmas lights are lit. The sparkle of excitement in the children’s faces. And most importantly the peace that comes with the knowledge of our Saviors birth.

Our hearts are full with the anticipation of the holidays and with memories of the year that has passed. We have, of course, been very busy. Our lives have been full with church, school, and many family activities. As many of you know we moved in October from California to Utah. We went from city to country and we are enjoying the slower pace. By far our favorite part of Utah, so far, is the SNOW!

Our biggest adventure this year was our drive across country to spend five weeks in New Hampshire. It was time well spent hiking, swimming, biking, horseback riding, camping, and of course spending time with family and friends. We drove 9,000 miles and visited many historic and educational sites including places in Burlington VT, Nauvoo IL, New York NY, and Washington DC. It was an amazing summer!

The children are growing so fast. Jessica, 10, is in the fifth grade and is really enjoying our new pastime of geocaching. Samantha, our third grader and comedian, turned eight and was baptized this year. Sarah, our budding artist, is six and loves first grade. Carrie, almost 5, LOVES being the oldest at home! Nelson, almost 3, is ever energetic and curious. And our cute charmer Wally just turned one in October, boy how the time flies.

It is our wish for you that you reflect on the joys in your life this holiday. Remember the most important things at this time when we celebrate our greatest gift, our Savior Jesus Christ. We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Joy and Peace filled New Year!


Deric Muria Jessica Samantha Sarah Carrie Nelson and Wally Everitt

Christmas 2010

P.S. Due to ever tightening purse strings, and an ever increasing Christmas mailing list (well over 200), AND our ever advancing technology, we are sending our Christmas letter via e-mail/blog/face book. If you are reading this via blog or face book and didn’t get an e-mail please let us know so we can update our list, THANKS!!

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lisaplus5 said...

your christmas letter and photos is wonderful! thank you for sharing!!