Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a really fun Easter this year and hope you did to. Here are some of the Easter crafts that we did. The wash cloth bunny was made at story time... this one is Wally's and he pulled the eyes off! The basket and small toilet paper rabbit we made at Sarah's birthday party. We decorated the eggs all together for family home evening!

On Saturday we had our Meme egg hunt, unfortunately it was raining/snowin and our house is way to small, fortunately we were able to do it at our church building. It was so much fun, thank you Meme for all of the awesome little goodies!
We also went to the Lions club egg hunt Saturday but due to the rain each child was just given a large handful of candy in their basket and sent on their way! We were able to get a quick picture with the Easter bunny though.

On Sunday we focused on the true meaning of Easter and went to church with Deric's brother who lives just about two hours away. It was bright when we were taking pictures!! The blog title picture shows our solution to that!! Also notice poor Wally is sleeping!!

We had a wonderful afternoon at Ben and Rachel's house. The dinner was good, and the kids had a ball playing with each other!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you remember that the true meaning is in remembering that Jesus died for us and that he rose again that we to may conquer death.

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The Kelley Family said...

Love the new pics and the sunglasses! Glad to see you had a great day!