Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick overview of our Spring Break in CA!

So, I drove to California with the kids for their Spring Break (last week of March). It was a great vacation, we had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. We stayed with Clark and Christie. The kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins, and as always Christie fed us soooo well!! The bad news is that I took my battery out to charge it and left it in UT, thus I only have a few pictures taken with my phone....

Here are Wally and Brooke. They seem to have a love/dislike relationship! This picture captured a good and very sweet moment where Brooke is sharing her phone with Wally. What it doesn't show is that she would take it away, make him cry, and then give it back... over and over!!

This next one isn't the best picture but I had to snap one of Peter and Nelson working together. Since birth Nelson has been on Peter's "hit" list but now that Nelson is getting older I guess Peter has decided he's not so bad!! They played really well together while we were there!

The girls LOVED the jungle gym in the back yard and were on it all the time!!
We went to the beach with them (Zuma in Malibu). It was an awesome day filled with sun and surf and sand crabs!! We ended it with ice cream... yummy!
We visited with lots of friends while we were there too. We had a park day and invited everyone to come and visit. I did get a disk of pics a friend took and I hope to post them soon. This last picture is of the kids at a horse barn we visited (so Jess could do research for a project!)


The Kelley Family said...

Looks like you had fun! So want to be swimming at the beach too!!! Can't wait to see you on "summer break"!

Christie said...

Thanks for entertaining our kids!