Friday, December 19, 2008

Feeding the kids Daddy style


Grace said...

ROFL! (and avoiding the tray in the process, what a feat for me!)

Life MUST not be very dull around you, big guy. Muria said you'd be tempted to take the easy way out...!

The ONLY way to top this is if you had some REAL NH SNOW cones! (I'll be glad to send you some)

Thanks to all the Bella Vista Everitts for letting Mom come and delight us all with her and Nelson's presence. She looks terrific and Nelson is HUGE! We miss the girls and you, Dad, but hey, there is simply no substitute for Muria! (If Joy had her way, you wouldn't get her back, either...)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (and happy birthday, Nelson!)

Sarah J. said...

Wow my mom would never let me do that!!although I would never want to.