Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter In California!

Yeah! It is finally winter in California. We got our first real rainstorm of the season (11/26). The kids were so excited that they went and grabbed their umbrellas and rain boots and went outside to enjoy it!! Carrie even wore gardening gloves to keep her hands warm!
All of the girls

I just love the way the rain drops look on the rose petals!

OK so Nelson doesn't have an umbrella or rain boots but he didn't let that stop him! If you look closely at his feet you can tell how cold it is!

Deric took this picture of this furry guy in our back yard. He doesn't seem to mind the rain. (We feed him and he comes around every day)
OK So this post is really a comeback to my friends in NH writing all about the first snow. Honestly we wish it were snow but we will take what ever precipitation comes our way!!


Grace said...

When I was Samantha's age (but in size more like Carrie), I had my very own sturdy red umbrella that I was so proud to use one day after school...until the wind picked me and the umbrella up and tried to land me in the top of a tree! BTW we have rain this morning...nearly 40 degrees after yesterday morning's 5! "Whoa, slip slidin' away..."

The Kelley Family said...

I would love to trade with you! Bare feet for the snow!! Girls you look super cute with the rainboots and umbrella's. I am surprised you have them since it NEVER rains! Ha, ha, ha!

Sarah J. said...

That is soooo cool!! I'll swich with you any day....exept on ski days.