Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grampa's Visit

It was nice to have Grampa come and play for Thanksgiving. The kids really enjoyed having him her to play with full time! I think he had a good time to but if he NEVER has to play sorry or hangman again I am sure it would be too soon!!Here they are playing sorry.

Our local mall has a two story carousel, Grampa paid for the girls to go on it. I was free because I had to ride with Carrie... it was fun!
Sammy only wanted to sit on a bench... Carrie rode on the Turkey (don't tell her it was really an ostrich!!)
Grampa and Nelson and Deric (taking pictures) stood and watched and waved!

James Nelson holding James Nelson!!


Here Sarah is getting a ride through the Zoo

We went to the Zoo with Grampa and invited some of the Everitt cousins along. Here he paid for the kids to look through the scope... what were they looking at? An empty cage, but they didn't care. They all lined up over and over. Even a little girl we didn't know lined up and Grampa put in a new quarter so that she could see too!!

We love you Grampa... Thanks for visiting, come again soon!!! (or maybe we should come visit you)

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The Kelley Family said...

Love the James Nelson and James Nelson Pic, now we need to stick James Patrick in there too!