Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July BBQ at Mom's

We had a fun time at the parade for the Fourth of July, then we headed back down to my mom's for a small family BBQ. Here the kids are showing off their new flag shirts from Meme (my mom). ...and with Meme!I am so excited that my sister is expecting (any day now) and I am too (lots of days from now)! I really wanted a picture of us together... as you can see here she wasn't too excited about the idea.

So like a good big sister I showed her who was boss!

And I got the picture I wanted!!!

(Ok, so I really didn't hit her or even try too, but the pictures really made it look that way!)

The girls really liked "hanging out" with their Uncle Nick!

And who doesn't enjoy a ride over to the horse barn after a BBQ dinner!! The kids LOVE riding on the "cubby" with Meme!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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