Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Auntie Manda's Petting Zoo!

My little sister has a few animals. Right now she has 4 dogs, a small turtle, a fish tank full of fish, 2 birds, 2 cats, 2 mini horses, 4 ducks, and 2 chickens. (I say right now because the numbers change on a daily basis!)
Her house is a fun place to go, so we went the other day for a picnic lunch and some animal fun. I took lots of pictures but I am only going to post a few....
The mini horses were the biggest hit. The kids brushed them and walked them and even got to sit on them.



And my Mom of course... actually she is standing over the horse, not actually touching it's back!
I love this one of Nelson... he really wants to take that horse for a walk, after all it is his size!!

We had lots of fun at Auntie Manda and Uncle Nicks "petting zoo", thanks for letting us come over!


maggie said...

The petting zoo looks like fun,
and it looks like you guys had a lot of FUN. :)
Nelson looks like a resl cowboy. <):)

Elizabeth said...

Oh I just love the mini horses. I am trying not to let Hannah and Rebekah see them as they will want to take a trip to the petting zoo aw well.