Saturday, July 25, 2009

My dirt/Grout novel

As most of you know when we moved into the house we are living in it was on the heels of our landlord. They moved out and we moved in with out the chance to have everything cleaned. For the first week Muria, her mother, my mother, sister in laws, and friends helped us clean and move in at the same time. This was crazy at best. The Kitchen was cleaned and the floor was moped many times. A few months after we moved in Muria pointed out that she felt like the tile in the kitchen never looked clean. One day I tried to clean the grout and found out the the grout color was not dark brown or black like we though but cream to match the tile. Since then I have made a few half hearted tries to get the grout clean. This consisted using many chemicals including industrial floor stripper. Never once could I get it clean. A few weeks before Muria and the kids were to set out for New Hampshire I Googled "How to clean Grout". This gave me a few home remedies and many ideas on how to get the grout clean. With the reality that it was going to be an all day project and cause the kitchen to be off limits I decided to make my attempt when the 10 muddy little feet were not around.

After 6 hours and many new home remedy's the final cleaning product that worked the best was Oxi Clean and water(about 1 gal and three scoops Oxi Clean). You poor on let sit for 20min and scrub each grout line. Then wash off with water.
When I get the rest of the Grout clean I plan on sealing the grout and waxing the floor with 3 or 4 coats of floor wax


Nathan and Sarah said...

It looks AWESOME! Way to go!

AB said...

Glad to see you are making good use of your time while they are away! I'm very impressed...and going to share you discovery with my mom.

The Kelley Family said...

I love oxi-clean...and clean floors too!!! Nice job, I bet Muria will be pleased!

Ben & Rachel said...

Wow! You must really miss your family!!! They better get back to CA soon.