Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bath Night!

Every other night is bath night in our home. The other night it was super exciting because I got new foam curlers for the girls so after their baths (actually they all took a shower), I put the curlers in their hair. They kept calling each other "Grannie"! I think they look cute!

We covered the curlers to keep them from falling out... this look is slightly less cute!!

The boys took a bath (no curlers for them!) I took a couple of cute shots and wanted to share... they both LOVE the water!


Kimi said...

I love their hair in the tub! I wish Elise had hair like that on top. Looks like a fun night. We were always had Saturday night braids. We'd get our hair washed and then my mom would braid it while still wet. Gave us the crimpy look without having to try to pin us down to crimp our hair.

AB said...

Ok, so while Nash is hanging out at your house, I'm blog surfing. Maybe I'll get a shower before I pick him up.