Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wally Golly!

Wally, is a cutie. He is the most happy baby we have had. As most of you know, as long as you are talking to him he is smiling! Here are just a few pictures I have snapped of him lately.

This photo is one of many that Sammy took trying to get a good shot for a competition that she is entering.

It isn't easy being this cute... gotta rest!

Wally has been standing a lot more lately. He is still really unsure, but likes that he can get into more now!
Isn't he handsome!!!


AB said...

Seriously cute. He is the happiest baby I think I've ever seen.

The Kelley Family said...

Such a little cutie! We miss him here in NH!! Can't believe he's almost 1! Time fly's!!