Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holiday Treats!

As a family this year we made most of our Christmas gifts. It was a lot of fun. This post will show you some of the yummy things that we made...

Surprise Kiss Cookies
I found this recipe on the Hershey's kiss bag. The cookie is a yummy pecan shortbread. They were so easy to make. This is what the kids took to their class Christmas party.
Our neighbors were also having a homemade Christmas and I offered to help the girls make a special treat for their dad who loves whatchamacalit bars (sorry if I am spelling that wrong) . I totaly made this recipe up. The base is a rice crispy treat that we spread with peanut butter and then caramel. Lastly we dipped them all in melted chocolate. They were sooo yummy!
Orange/Clove ornaments
This isn't a treat we ate but they sure smelt great. Each of the kids made their own. We decorated them with ribbon and hung them in the windows.

Carrie and Nelson helped me many times during the day when the other kids were in school. Here they are helping me make pie crust. Honestly I made the crust and they are just playing but they really enjoyed using the rolling pin and getting the practice.

We made peanut brittle this year (and cashew brittle too) to give as family gifts. We were inspired by the recipe in the family fun magazine. I looked for the same recipe on line and this one is very close. Jess was my helper for this one.

It was really pretty easy and tasted good too!

The next two recipes came from the our best bites website. I will caution you ahead, this site has so many yummy things to make, you might become addicted!

Homemade marshmallows by Jessica

Cinnamon bun popcorn....yummy!! (This was my project and I am sure I ate most of it!!)
Add ImageThis is our little Wally Golly, enjoying some of the yummy treats!
Add ImageI some how didn't get a picture of Sarah in the kitchen baking so I decided to use this one instead. She is out in the snow making her own little "cake". More than likely she ate it when she was done. All of the kids have enjoyed eating a little snow here and there. Who needs any of these fancy deserts and treats when you can eat some snow!!

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The Kelley Family said...

Love all the goodies! You need to send me the kiss recipe, I never did find holiday kisses after you told me about them! Thanks for sending some goodies our way! Pat loved the peanut brittle!!