Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nelson's 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday to you... Nelson turned THREE on the first of the year. We happened to be in California and were able to have a family party at Chuck E Cheese on the 30th of December with Noah (who turned 4 on the third of Jan.) The kids had a blast!
Nelson really enjoyed ski ball (he was a little less than good at it though!)
Yeah presents!!!
Sarah earning some tickets.

Carrie and Sam stuck together most of the time.
Jess helping Wally with his cupcake.
We are so grateful for Nelson and all of the fun he brings to our lives. He is curious and outgoing. He is thoughtful and kind. He is also energetic and loud! He sure does keep us on our toes and I am loving every minute of it! Happy birthday buddy!!

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The Kelley Family said...

Happy birthday Nelson! We miss you!!